Important Notices
Rescheduled :
The Extended Full Closure of Highway 49 at the Bay of Quinte Skyway Bridge will take place from 6:00 am on Tuesday December 1, 2020 until 6:00 am on Thursday December 3, 2020. Click here.
Full Night Mainline Closure:
A Full Night Mainline Closure 0f Highway 49 at the Bay of Quinte Skyway Bridge is scheduled from 9:00 pm on Monday December 14, 2020 to 6:00 am on Tuesday December 15, 2020. This closure is intended for the removal of temporary concrete barriers, temporary energy attenuators, delineators and placing pavement markers.
Single Lane Closure
Nov 29 - Nov Dec 5, 2020
Skyway Bridge will be reduced to single lane traffic until late December 2020. Temporary Traffic Signals will be in-place to control vehicular traffic over the Skyway Bridge.

Note Regarding Temporary Traffic Signals:

Q. How do the temporary traffic signals work, I have had to sit through more then one cycle of lights when crossing the bridge.

A. The temporary traffic control signals on Highway 49 are fully actuated traffic signals that rest in red when no vehicle are waiting to cross the bridge. For the traffic signals to cycle and provide a green display, motorists need to pull up and stop at the white stop bar.

MTO uses a minimum green display of 20 seconds and during periods of higher demand, vehicle extensions for the green display may be given to allow more vehicles to clear the bridge. The maximum, amount of time is 45 seconds and is based on historical traffic volumes in the area. The length of the amber display is based on the operating speed of the roadway and the length of the all red display is to allow vehicles to safely cross the bridge before the opposing traffic has a green display.

The Bay of Quinte Skyway Bridge is an 850 m long, high-level bridge carrying two lanes of Highway 49 traffic over the Bay of Quinte. The bridge was constructed circa 1967 and is in need of major repairs. The work will include the complete replacement of the steel girders and deck, rehabilitation of the piers, and reconstruction of the abutments. The bridge deck will be widened slightly and will include 1.5 m shoulders on each side.

The work will be staged over several years. The first year, 2018, will be for preparation, mobilization and advance work. A single segment of the bridge will be replaced in each of the subsequent five (5) years. Within each segment, the bridge will be replaced on a half and half basis with single-lane traffic controlled by temporary traffic signals.

To complete the work over water, it is anticipated that the contractor will use cranes on barges to remove the existing structural steel girders and erect new ones. As a result, this will necessitate some changes to the navigation channels under the bridge. Please follow the advisory signage and markers.

Time of Completion:

 Construction started in the summer of 2018 and is anticipated to be completed in the summer of 2024.

A visual image of the construction years

Segment A, Segment B, Segment C, Segment D, Segment E

The work in 2024 will include the installation of expansion joints, final paving and the restoration of the site.

Traffic Impact:

Highway 49 traffic on the Bay of Quinte Skyway will be reduced to a single-lane for each year of construction. Traffic will be controlled by temporary traffic signals at either end of the work zone in each year. Both traffic lanes will be available during seasonal shutdown.

Several night-time closures on Highway 49 will be required each year to safely accommodate lifting steel girders and placing concrete in the new bridge deck. Advanced notification signs will be installed two weeks prior to closure.

The project team is committed to ensuring that the public and businesses are aware of the status of construction and the anticipated traffic impacts. Please look for regular updates.

If you have any questions or concerns at any time throughout the project, please contact  the Contract Administrator, at We appreciate your patience throughout construction. For your safety, please follow signs and slow down leading up to the lane closure.

For more information or to be added to our contact list please contact us.